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Best tattoo makers are real artists and they need not only equipment for their work but "paints" as well to create beautiful and unique tattoos. We are glad to offer you the widest range of tattoo items and the largest selection of inks for tattoo. The brightest and the best quality tattoo inks are to your disposal at the most reasonable prices.
Any tattoo artist chooses his/her own way of creating the colors for tattoo. Inks can be bought pre-made or an artist can mix different colors to produce another unique shades. Much of the successful tattoo depends on the quality of ink and its characteristics and you can choose definite companies producing tattoo inks you like most of all. Of course, your clients should also have the choice and it's better to have several versatile ink kits for your work.
The components of professional inks depend on the color that is required. Black inks contains logwood or carbon that makes the ink deep and rich black. Flesh toned and brown inks have ochre as a compound. Such pigments as cadmium seleno-sulfide and disazopyrazolone that have stable structure are ingredients of orange tattoo inks. Yellow inks contain ochre, chrome yellow, curcuma yellow and cadmium yellow. Malachite, lead chromate, chromium oxide are components of green tattoo inks. Violet ink contains quinacridone and manganese violet. Coldat blue, azure blue, cooper salts or cobalt blue are all possible ingredients of blue ink. But modern tattoo inks commonly contain pure distilled water, glycerin, witch hazel or ethyl alcohol that are non-reactive substances. There are also glow-in-the-dark tattoo inks and removable inks.
You'll always find here best tattoo inks including Intenze tattoo inks, Mom's tattoo inks, Starbrite tattoo inks, Kabuki inks and many others.

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Jet Black Outlining and Shading InkJet Black Outlining and Shading InkRetail Price: $39.10
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Intenze Tattoo Ink, Lime Green, 1 Oz BottleIntenze Tattoo Ink, Lime Green, 1 Oz BottleRetail Price: $11.21
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