Tattoo Machine Power Supply

Professional tattoo artists need best equipment for their artwork and it isn't only the right tattoo machine but the right power supply. We offer you high quality, durable and easy to use tattoo machine power supplies, clip cords and foot switches. Power supplies come in different types, so you may choose between regulated and unregulated models. The volt range outputs also varies and some tattoo gun power supplies can run as high as 20volts and some as low as 1.5 volts. Tattoo clip cords plugged into power supply and hooked up to the machine, give it power. Made from flexible and strong material clip cords for tattoo power supply are available in variety of colors and at the lowest prices. The other important thing to supply tattoo machine with power is a foot switch. We offer you the choice of lightweight and comfortable to use footswitches in variety of shapes and designs. They come with standard flexible and resilient silicone wire. All offered tattoo power supplies are high quality and durable.

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