Ink Cups and Holders

Tattooing is an art requiring special skills and talent. And there are many accessories and tools a tattoo artist needs to perform the process of tattooing. And ink cups and holders are also necessary for successful and convenient procedure. Tattoo maker has his/her own work area and before to start he/she lays out the ink cups there. It may be single cups or multiple ink cups set in a steel or plastic ink holder. After the tattoo maker makes sure he/she has all the colors to complete the tattoo, he/she starts. The necessity of ink cups is obvious. It should be convenient and fast to dip the tip needle into the ink cup. The reservoir is filled with some ink by tapping the foot pedal few times. We offer you high quality tattoo ink cups and ink cup holders at great prices.
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Ink cupInk cupRetail Price: $3.45
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Tattoo Ink Cup HolderTattoo Ink Cup HolderRetail Price: $2.42
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Stainless Steel Tattoo Ink Cup HolderStainless Steel Tattoo Ink Cup HolderRetail Price: $12.08
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